Friday’s evening and WordPress table app in my hands

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Instead of common way to spend this evening (late work or Irish pub with friends) I’m sitting with WordPress app on my iPad. Of course many of you would say: “hey, nothing new here, what’s the reason to write about?” 

I definitely don’t discover  the rocket science, but from other side it would be great to share my opinion on app usage. Would it work regularly, or its an exception posting from it.

At the moment I believe this app provides the necessary list of features to share the post (if you read it, then it shares :). The app itself connects to my website (I really didn’t configure anything, probably just changed initially a small setting on web page. 

I have a base bucket of formatting tools: 

  1. Bold, italic and stroked text 
  2. Ordered list and bullets 
  3. Links like this one Agilie
  4. To be or not to be

  5. Ability to insert an image (it’s already bellow)
  6. Ability to view raw html code (plus edit)

And these formatting tools work pretty fine till you avoid quoting and adding links. It works.. But it sucks. For some reason when you add the link, it blinks and you need to put your finger to the text otherwise it will be removed by tapping. Quoting does work, but it’s a bit hard to select the text to quote only; also the editing of quote is almost impossible, I’ve delete it and written from scratch.

 I believe I will compare this way with Evernote and OneNote from Microsoft. It might make sense to share the comparison results even.
Thanks for reading and see you soon 


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